Monday, June 02, 2014

Commercial Comparison: Erin Andrews vs. Tony the Tiger

Erin Andrews joins the likes of Tony the Tiger in starring in a commercial while playing Ultimate Frisbee. So, who has better Ultimate skills?

Tony the Tiger Erin Andrews
Throws Backhand (right handed), Scooberish hammer (left handed) Handoff dump (turnover)
Catching Jumping, one-handed catch-D Mid-pitch, one-handed catch
Running n/a Cross-field cut
Disc Green Frisbee White Ultimate disc
Spirit "They're gggrrrrrreat!" "Hey, let's talk TruBioticsTM."
Summary Tony demonstrates a wide range of skills, has big ups and knows his receivers. Erin has good wherewithal on the field and shows great concern toward her teammates. Much potential if/when given the opportunity to be more involved in points.

[Screengrab] Erin Andrew's one-handed catch during Ultimate game.

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