Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New York vs DC x 2

The good news is both DC-based pro Ultimate teams have home games on Saturday, June 14! The bad news is, unlike in May when fans could attend both games, fans must choose which pro Ultimate to attend. The unfortunate scheduling conflict has both Saturday games starting around the same time (Current at 6pm; Breeze at 7pm). Both DC teams play against their respective league's opponent from New York City.
At 6pm, the MLU game: D.C. Current (7-1) play New York Rumble (2-6) at Catholic U. Tix.

One hour later (at 7pm) and ~6 miles away, the AUDL game: D.C. Breeze (6-2) play New York Empire (7-1) in College Park. Tix.

Last month's doubleheader versus Philadelphia was swept by DC. Will DC sweep again?

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Anonymous said...

Is it really a tough choice? The Current have locked up the #1 seed already and are playing the last place team - game means nothing. The Breeze/Empire game is a big one, I know which one I'm going to!