Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Categorizing Names of Pro Ultimate Teams

The American Ultimate Disc League divides their 12 teams into 2 conferences - Eastern & Midwestern, and Major League Ultimate also splits their teams - 4 in an Eastern conference & 4 in a Western conference. Another fun way to categorize the pro teams are based on their team names. The "Animal /Creature" name category has the most pro Ulti teams - 7 total. The other name categories are "Weather/Nature", "City/Cultural Reference" & "Math/Circle".  [Thanks to Glenn Poole for project contributions.]

Yes, finding a category for the Revolution [360 degrees] & Radicals [Radical axis] was a challenge, but eventually settled. What other ways might professional Ultimate team names be categorized?

Finally, a compilation of all 20 pro teams in both leagues...

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Anonymous said...

The Revolution and Radicals could also be put in a "political change" category.