Thursday, March 14, 2013

MLU vs Club Roster: San Francisco

With Major League Ultimate's season being scheduled before the Club Ultimate season, it makes sense that teams would draw from Club-level players. The majority of the Dogfish roster are Revolver players, with the remainder from Bay Area club teams (Boost Mobile, Polar Bears, Blackbird, GrasSFace & Mischief).

San Francisco Dogfish 2013 roster was compared to the Revolver 2012 roster. Out of the 23-person MLU roster, 14 (61%) are Revolver players. Based on published 2012 rosters, there are also 9 (39%) Dogfish players from other Bay Area club teams - Boost Mobile (5); Polar Bears, Blackbird, GrasSFace & Mischief (each mixed club team with 1).

Revolver and SF-based club players on the 2013 Dogfish Roster
Related Rosters: DC . Seattle. Boston. Vancouver.


The Pulse said...

Andrew "Drew" Kim played with Boost last year. Adam Farren played grasSFace

Sludge said...

Much appreciated, Pulse. The chart & data have been updated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Can you do this for the Whitecaps roster, as well?

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 2:23AM,
Done. Go to