Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 1: Downhill

Muted celebrations greeted Sludge as its 30th Ultimate season began. Play at E. Brooke Middle School field started on a positive note as Sludge D converted a turnover into an early score; Joe to Matthew, 1-0. Sludge's only other point in the first half was a flow from Charlie to Joe to Rachel.

The Sludge zone did pretty well by temporarily slowing Dr. Von Rhino's active cutting, but could not sustain containment. DVR's poach D was not exactly helping Sludge O. Let's just say: Jake & Griffin had more consistent flow rolling down the hill than Sludge in the first half (2-8).

In the second half, Sludge tinkered with a horizontal stack (a.k.a. "pickup cutting") to counter the poaching. This led to a major offensive push - 2 consecutive points; Mike to Rachel & Bucci's inside-out to Mike, 4-8. Later, in her return to Sludge Ultimate after a 1-year hiatus, Christy scored brown's 5th point.

At 5-13, Michael's D led to a short field and then Joe's lofty zing to the endzone which Rachel skyd for; 6-13.

Sludge had trouble maintaining possession, completing scoring opportunities in the endzone, and keeping up with DVR's quick transitions. What felt like should have been a closer game (maybe 10-15), turned into a 9-point loss; 6-15.

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