Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frisbee Amplifier

Throwing the disc on the beach sounds even better with this gadget product.

Fli-Tunes Frisbee/Amplifier [Prezzybox]

Info: This flying disc amplifier can be used as a flying disc and... wait for it... an amplifier. Simply place your phone, speaker, gadget into the hollow and the sound will be amplified doublefold! When not in use as an amplifier, flatten the Fli-Tunes and get active by using it as a flying disc. Great for the park or beach!

This is a Frisbee where you can pop out the center of it, stick in your smartphone, and it will volume boost the sound coming from your phone's speakers naturally. Of course given this setup we expect that you should be able to use a regular cup, or even one of those sand buckets kids use to collect sand and seashells in, but for the sake of novelty and efficiency (mostly novelty), we guess the Fli-Tunes will work just fine.

Price: ~$20

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