Thursday, March 07, 2013

MLU vs Club Roster: Boston

With Major League Ultimate's season being scheduled before the Club Ultimate season, it makes sense that teams would draw from Club-level players. Over half of Boston's roster are Ironside players, while the other half are mostly from mixed club teams (The Ghosts, Slow White, Wildcard,7 Figures & Darkwing).

Boston Whitecaps 2013 roster was compared to Boston Ironside's 2012 roster. Out of the 25-person MLU roster, 13 (52%) are Ironside players. Based on published rosters, there are also 10 (40%) Whitecaps' players from mixed club teams - The Ghosts (4), Slow White (3), Wildcard (1) & 7 Figures (1), Darkwing (1).

Ironside & mixed club players on the 2013 Whitecaps' Roster
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