Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Week 2: Somewhat 'Breader'

Sludge played well right away with D-oriented offense. Up 5-0 courtesy of Mathew's flick to Rachel, Henry's toss to Jen at the cone, Chris' catch deep in the endzone, Joe's juggling catch on the sideline, and a Charlie-to-Steve connection.

By 7-1, Sludge had to gnaw their way out of Disc Toast's encrusting zone cup; Henry's hammer followed by Steve's hammer to Matthew then to Chris. And, another zone flow point from Sarah to Chris. DT took advantage of some early-in-the-offense turnovers by Sludge. There were sideline remarks at Sligo about a "rushed" offense contributing to those late first half turns.

At 7-4, looking to quiet the sideline with Girl Scout cookies, Brian dropped the pull (hey, it was sunny!). But with a DT turnover, Brian redeemed himself with a high-stall, high-arced cross-field flick to take half; 8-4.

Henry started second half scoring with a strong, low backhand through the middle of the field; 9-4. As conditions were less windy and Sludge D became less effective (correlation?), momentum started to shift. Sludge's "rushed" O made unwelcome appearances during this time, too. At 9-6, Christy threw a hammer (causation?).

Sludge did show some very patient zone offense with their 11th point featuring Michael's fake to Jen which opened up a throwing alley to Chris. The team with brown jerseys kept scoring in the second half even though the offense acted like the vehicular traffic en route to the game -- stop-&-go. 

Mike threw a score to Sarah; 13-8, 14-10. Steve finished the game with a high floater to Christy in the back of the endzone; win 15-10.

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