Monday, March 11, 2013

U-23 Ultimate Players Announced

USA Ultimate announced their Under-23 Ultimate teams for the 2013 U-23 World Ultimate Championship (July 22-28, 2013 in Toronto, Canada). Three teams will represent the USA - mixed, men's & women. Roster age can be an interesting factor during the Club season.

Of the chosen U-23 players, 71% (50) are listed from college/university teams, and 29% (20) are affiliated with club teams. The players provided USAU their team representation.
:Player Representation:
1st. Colorado, Iowa State, Oregon, Washington (each with 4)
2nd. Carleton, Wisconsin (each with 3)

Club Teams:
1st. Ring of Fire (4)
2nd. Phoenix, Polar Bears, Rhino (each with 2)

States: [updated at 4:12pm; 11:31pm]
1st. California (10)
2nd. North Carolina (9)
3rd. Oregon (7)
4th. Washington (6)
5th. Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin (each with 5)

NOTE: Source data is solely from USAU's announcement page, and then compiled. 
Location of U-23 Players 'Current/Most Recent Team' [SOURCE]


Joaq said...

This isn't fully accurate as many of the players are associated with both a college team and a club team. For example there are 4 Polar Bears players on the team, but only two of them listed their club team while the other two (Kerns and Higgins) listed their college team.

Sludge said...

Good point. No cross-rostering was performed during the making of the above charts.
The source data is taken directly from USAU's published data []. Another example is John Stubbs (Paidea High School), but he's listed by USAU with a Club team (Bucket); hence, the visual data above considers him a Club player.

Anonymous said...

Oregon is the third most represented state with 7 players. Also, it would be more interesting to plot number of players per 100,000 residents (i.e. normalize by population). In that sense, California will not be that impressive, but Iowa will be incredible.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 3:33 PM,
Thanks for reading the data map! Oregon has now been properly given the bronze in state representation.
Excellent perspective/suggestion per state player population.

Anonymous said...

And no female data.

James Greeno said...

Anyone know anything about this Tom Allen guy?