Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MLU vs Club Roster: Philadelphia

With Major League Ultimate's season being scheduled before the Club Ultimate season, it makes sense that teams would draw from Club-level players. Nearly two-thirds of the Spinners' roster are Southpaw players, with the remainder as former Southpaw teammates, as well as from AMP, Termite's Revenge and Philly Gavel.

Philadelphia Spinners' 2013 roster was compared to Southpaw's roster. Out of the 23-person MLU roster, 15 (65%) are Southpaw players. Also, the Spinners have 13 players returning from their 2012 roster - the most of any(!) MLU team. Thanks to Ryan Thompson who assisted with identifying Philly players.

Southpaw club players on the 2013 Spinners Roster
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