Wednesday, March 06, 2013

MLU vs Club Roster: DC

With Major League Ultimate's season being scheduled before the Club Ultimate season, it makes sense that teams would draw from Club-level players. DC's roster is nearly two-thirds Truck Stop players.

Washington DC's Current 2013 roster was compared to DC's Truck Stop 2012 roster. Out of the 23-person MLU roster, 15 are Truck Stop players (65%).

2012 TruckStop players on the 2013 DC Current Roster
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Anonymous said...

Of note: A few of the "non-2012 truck" guys are, in fact, ex-truck guys. So % of Truck, or ex-Truck is actually a fair bit higher.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 8:48AM,
Excellent point! I'm aware of some ex-Truck [Calvin, Sean, Ryan]. Any other ex-Truck on the Current roster?

Anonymous said...

The only one you missed was Dulabon.
But with those 4, you get all but 4 of the roster as Truck/ex-Truck.

The Pulse said...

Rico is from Med Men/Towson, Nate from Sockeye, and Chip from RI Rampage.

Anonymous said...

You also failed to mention Ryan Todd, ex-ironside and played ghosts last year.

Sludge said...

Dear Ryan, er Anonymous @ 6:42AM,
Thx for the tip.