Friday, March 01, 2013

Innova Ultimate disc

The MLU announced plans to use a redesigned Innova Pulsar disc for their 2013 season, and plans to sell MLU discs in retail stores which is great exposure. Look what was found at the sporting goods store yesterday - one Innova Ultimate disc!
Red Innova PULSAR 175-gram Ultimate Disc
See below for how Innova explains Ultimate (compare to Discraft):
"175 Grams. Meets the standards of Ultimate Players Association" 
(Ahem, the UPA was renamed "USA Ultimate" in May 2010.)

"The Pulsar does it all. Ultimate, Catch, Freestyle, and Disc Golf."
Keep a Pulsar in your car for spontaneous fun wherever you are. Bring it to the beach, to the barbecue, to the park or just toss it in the yard.

About Ultimate: Ultimate is a team sports that pits two teams against each other. Teams score by advancing their disc from one end of the field to the endzone at the other end by throwing it to each other. It's a fast paced and exciting sport. For more on Ultimate rules, visit

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