Thursday, April 11, 2013

Comparison: Season Ticket Prices of Pro Ultimate Teams

The 2013 season is about to begin, so now all professional Ultimate teams have a place to play and are selling tickets to their games.

Season Ticket Prices [Averages]:
$72.65 = Average season ticket price for pro Ultimate teams
AUDL = $68*; $8.50/game**
MLU = $80^; $16/game^^

Season Tix Prices [Ranked lowest to highest]:
1st. $35 (Madison Radicals)
2nd. $45 (Rochester Dragons)
3rd. $59.95 (Toronto Rush)
4th. $60 (Wind Chill)
5th. $64 (Alley Cats)
6th. $68 (Revolution)
7th. $72 (Phoenix)
8th. $79.70 (Wildfire)
9th-t. $80 (Breeze, Empire, Mechanix, Current, Dogfish, Nighthawks, Rainmakers, Rumble, Spinners, Stags, Whitecaps)
Last. $89 (New Jersey Hammerheads)

Average Price of Season Tix per Game [Ranked lowest to highest]:
1st. $4.38 (Madison Radicals)
2nd. $5.63 (Rochester Dragons)
3rd. $7.49 (Toronto Rush)
4th. $7.50 (Wind Chill)
5th. $8.00 (Alley Cats)
6th. $8.50 (Revolution)
7th. $9.00 (Phoenix)
8th. $9.96 (Wildfire)
9th. $10.00 (Breeze, Empire, Mechanix, Revolution)
13th. 11.13 ( Hammerheads)
Last. $16.00 (Current, Dogfish, Nighthawks, Rainmakers, Rumble, Spinners, Stags, Whitecaps)

NOTES: *There are 12 AUDL teams.
**AUDL schedule = 16 total games; dollar figure is based on 8 home games.
^There are 8 MLU teams.
^^MLU Schedule = 10 games total; dollar figure is based on 5 home games.
The season ticket prices do not include purchasing fees, nor any other swag/benefits (discs, seating priority, etc.)
[UPDATED 4/12/2013]


Unknown said...

Our season ticket is $68 and includes a signed disc.

Raymie Younkin
General Manager
Cincinnati Revolution

Sludge said...

Thx for the update, Raymie.

I found Revolution ticket details:
Guess I should have found it at

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