Friday, April 26, 2013

Local Ultimate Frisbee Kerfuffle

Happy Arbor Day!

Armand Lione, fellow local ultimate player & friend-of-Sludge, is involved in a letter writing campaign to the White House. His cause is trying to prevent tree planting on The Ellipse because new trees are disrupting the open space to play Ultimate. This location was the former site of Saturday morning pickup.

Ultimate Frisbee Players Ask First Lady to Stop Tree-Planting on Field [City Paper]
With fewer fields to play on, competition for the remaining space became fierce, and the DC ultimate frisbee players couldn't stand up to the softball leagues...

Ultimate Frisbee Players Want First Lady to Stop Park Service From Planting Trees [DCist]
Ultimate Frisbee players say new trees in the Ellipse make it hard to find places to play; spaces on the Mall itself are even scarcer...

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