Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Toronto Rush (AUDL)

Part of the series critiquing the professional Ultimate team logos and nicknames.

Team: Toronto Rush

Web: // twitter: @TorontoRush

Representation: City// League: AUDL

Disc within logo?: No. // Ultimate element in team name?: No.

Background:  In American football, a "rush" is running the ball (on offense) or crossing the line of scrimmage (on defense). I also know of a "Frisbee Rush" game. The Toronto team name is, of course, influenced [see very end of post] by the popular progressive rock band from Toronto, RUSH.

First impression(s): A very early beta version of a ninja star, eh? Or, an electrifying poster for a prog rock band promoting its Canadian tour - oh wait!

Eli's Eval:  Another generic-sounding team name results in a generic-looking and uninspired logo, with a horrible case of flaccid foot. A well-executed and designed logo (the lightning-y "TR"), but not inspired or inspiring. Hey, we're from Canada, so let's put a maple leaf in the logo! Better than a dinosaur dribbling a basketball, but not by much. It took me a few views to realize that the scribble in the "H" is the CN Tower; this could be a nice detail but feels slapped on after the fact.

The extension of the foot of the "R" is not fluid yet a nice idea, echoing the classic Rush logo.  The execution is very poor: the lines go in and out for no reason, breaking the even rhythm of the consistent thickness of the font, and where it ends is angled off the baseline leaving a tiny little distracting triangle of background poking through.

It's fine; they wanted Geddy Lee but got Tommy Lee instead.

:Eli's Grades:
Grade: B
On Logo: B
On Typography: B

Thoughts on this AUDL's team name & logo?

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