Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 7: Two for the Show

What better way to spend Weekend Eve of Rachel and Michael's nuptials than with their Ultimate family/team?!

:Game 1:
Sludge zone defense was definitely invited to the party as Matthew tallied a handblock, which Henry then hammered to Rachel; 1-0. Sarah's upline flick to Jen; 3-1. Nigel’s high release backhand to Rachel; 4-2. And, Andrew's rejection of a deep throw which led to a deep flick from Brian to Russ; 6-3.

After 10 points (7-3) Sludge missed on 3 score attempts at close range. Up until this point Sludge's play was flawless – forcing turnovers on D, scoring when on O. Further, Matthew then got smacked on a backhanded compliment follow-through. Unrelated, the "Sideline of Conflict" began its intrusion. 7-7.

Sludge took half 8-7 on a 40-yard backhand laser from Russ to Rachel. David, who returned to the playing field for the first time in one year, caught dropped his first point of the season; 10-9.

Backhanded Compliment went on a run as Sludge was throwing the disc like it was a tossing a bouquet. (Hey, why doesn't anyone want to catch it?) 10-13.

At 11-14, Sludge began its comeback - Christy's forehand to Rachel; Mike's sky catch and score to Sarah; Mike's swing-hammer to-Andrew-to-Sarah-to-Jen; Rachel's "bookends" (D, then score); 14-14.

 Sludge continued its defense-makes-offense run with Sarah's D which led to Nigel's leaping catch from Jen's flick, and finally, Russ' bookends with a handblock and then catch of Charlie's looping backhand. Win 16-14.

:Game 2:
The defense of Sludge continued its early dominance. Matthew's mis-Callahan turned into an easy score from Michael to David; 1-0 (David's first Ultimate score in 1 year.) Mike's flick to Michael made it 2-0, but marked the end of Mike's cleats as we knew it. R.I.P. Cleats.

There were glimpses of flow brilliance by Sludge, albeit against an opponent who was also playing in their second game of the day. Michael-to-Christy-to-Nigel-to-Brian on a break point; 5-2.  Matthew-to-Charlie-to-David-to-Brian; 7-3. Sarah-to-Christy-to-Nigel-to-Brian; 8-6.

The numbers of Sludge may have been low, yet the Sludge points kept up in the second half.  Brown held serve while on O and breaking Absinthe Minded 5 times. Win 15-9.

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