Monday, April 22, 2013

Pro Leagues Snapshots (April 20-21)

Total Points
The timed game format in professional Ultimate leagues allows for more scoring than a traditional "to-15" point game. The MLU averages about the same as a very, very close to-15 game. In the 12 pro games this past weekend (April 20-21), a total of 487 points was scored. (Avg = ~41 pts/game*.) In an obtuse comparison, this point total would be 32, no, 12 Ultimate games played to 21-20 - NEVERMIND.

NOTE: AUDL games have 12-minute quarters; MLU games have 10-minute quarters.
*1 AUDL game [Madison @ Detroit] went to 2OTs

[AUDL] 59 = highest combined score total (AlleyCats 25 vs Wind Chill 34)
[AUDL] 34 = highest score by any AUDL team, by Wind Chill (Week 2)

Home Field Advantage
Also, home field advantage was not a strong factor in this past weekend's games.
12 total (MLU + AUDL) games

Point Differentials
Both pro leagues had four games decided by 3 points or less. All the MLU games (4) in their inaugural week were very close - either 2 or 3 points; while half (4) of the AUDL weekend games were decided by 1 point. 

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