Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Week 3: HO No

All started well for Sludge with a quick 2-0 lead; Joe's backhand to Rachel and then a Henry-Michael-Nigel-Matthew-Nigel connection.

With this solid start, Sludge began to take for granted their break point opportunities - especially, when the disc was near the endzone. The close-range offense was rotten needing improvement. 3-1. Plus, early turnovers plagued the Sludge O.

Ultimallers warmed up and went off to lead 6-3. Sludge's zone was speed bumps rather than stop signs. After a brown timeout and a sole-ful lesson on HO stack, Sludge was actively back in the game. Michael-to-Matthew's blade-y flick to Steve, Chris to Rachel's bobble, and Henry's hammer to Joe; 6-6. 6-8.

Charlie and Andrew helped work up the disc while Bucci and Christy were active on defense. Sarah's D turned into a Henry-to-Joe-to-Rachel score; 8-11.

Honestly, the HO "stack" was fairly effective (when it worked). Otherwise, Ultimallers jumped higher, threw farther, ran faster and defended better. Loss 9-15.

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