Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Review: New Jersey Hammerheads (AUDL)

Part of the series critiquing the professional Ultimate team logos and nicknames.
Team: New Jersey Hammerheads

Web: http://njhammerheads.com // twitter: @NJ_Hammerheads

Representation: State // League: AUDL

Disc within logo?: No. // Ultimate element in team name?: No. (?)

Background: New Jersey's beach coast runs 130 miles, spanning from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Most hammerhead species are fairly small and are considered harmless to humans. Although the great hammerhead's enormous size and fierceness make it potentially dangerous, few attacks have been recorded. There was a recent hammerhead sighting at Island Beach in August 2012.

The shark graphic is "borrowed" from a temporary tattoo company.

First impression(s): Land Shark, amiright? The goldish-orange smear could be ripped parchment paper, New Jersey, or a raggedy beach towel. Cartoonish, and reminds me of a relative of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Eli's Eval: Looks like a touristy shirt one might find wandering the boardwalk after a hard day of playing at Wildwood. The state of New Jersey with a hard drop shadow seems like overkill, but cheesy in a good way. The pleasant color scheme reinforces the logo. Type on a curve is not always easy, and although the font weight suffers visibility from being so thin, it is nicely spaced and the drop shadow accentuates it enough for it to be legible from a distance.

Unfortunately, there is also this, "The logo was reportedly designed for the Hammerheads by a college student, who allegedly didn't inform them of how he procured the shark design." This is another case of you get what you pay for: just because Phil Knight paid a college student $35 for the Nike swoosh doesn't mean you should pay $35 (~$200 adjusted for inflation.) for your sports logo; you're not Phil Knight.

:Eli's Grades:
Grade: F
On Logo: F
On Typography: B

Thoughts on this AUDL's team name & logo?


Matthew Hodgson said...

Hammer - head I would have thought, has quite an obvious ultimate element included in the name...

enoogs said...

Gading the names would be a whole other collumn, but worthwhile since a lot of them don't make sense, or don't capitalize on what does make sense.

Sludge said...

I thought about "hammer" throws, too. Decided against giving them credit bcs a disc wasn't incorporated into the logo so the Ulti reference is SO subtle it's unclear.

Anonymous said...

The logo is a disc. There are flight rings inside the disc. "Hammer" is in reference to the throw.

Sludge said...

Dear Anonymous @ 9:39PM,
I think if the logo is MEANT to be a disc, then it should LOOK like one. I don't see a disc, I see a blue ring.

To me, this Royal Storm Ultimate logo looks more like a disc...https://www.facebook.com/RoyalThunderUltimate