Sunday, April 14, 2013

Week 5: Sway

Sludge took the lead early in their tango with Dance Cafe. Bucci completed a two-step by catching the first score and flicking in the second; 2-0. The pesky Sludge zone PLUS the just-enough-to-make-a-difference wind grooved well creating jOy of mOtion.

Charlie-to-Nigel's FLICK-to Christy; Christy's D led to a Mike-to-Jen score; Michael's D in the endzone led to Joe's 40-yard backhand to Nigel; 6-1, 7-4. Sludge swung into half with Mike's high-count swing to Henry and score to Steve; 8-4.

Sludge showed excellent spacing and flow early in the second half. Bucci-to Jen-to Mike at the cone, Henry's toss fingertip catch by Christy, and Mike's hammer* [*Christy-approved] to Steve. Knockdowns by Brian & Steve each led to brown scores. And, who can forget Charlie's steady backhand just over 6 defenders into Rachel's chest? 13-6.

Break dancing began to takeover Sludge O as Dance Cafe went on 5-0 run; 13-11. Deep throws were not judged as not a suitable partner for Sludge during this swing. Sludge finished off their routine with 2 exciting points - Joe to a sprawling Nigel at the endzone line, then tossed to Mike (14-11), and finally Brian's high, outside-in flick to an outstretched Rachel. Win 15-12.

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