Monday, March 14, 2016

Chart: AUDL Division Champions 2012-2015

AUDL Broadcaster extraordinaire and Tuesday Toss author Evan Lepler shared this nugget: "In each of the four AUDL divisions, there has only ever been one champion since the league expanded beyond eight teams in 2013. Madison, a three-time winner of the Midwest. Toronto, a three-time winner of the East. Raleigh, a one-time winner of the South. And San Jose, a two-timer out West."

A visual to supplement the AUDL history fact:
Division Champions
[2012: Philadelphia Spinners*, Indianapolis AlleyCats] (8-team league, 2 divisions)

2013: Madison Radicals, Toronto Rush* (2 divisions)

2014: Madison Radicals, Toronto Rush, San Jose Spiders* (3 divisions)

2015: Madison Radicals, Toronto Rush, San Jose Spiders*, Raleigh Flyers (4 divisions)
* = AUDL Champion

While an interesting trend, AUDL Executive Council member Tim DeByl acknowledges the danger of a young league having the same teams in the postseason. On Ultiworld's Deep Look podcast, Tim said: "Don't want to have Madison in the [AUDL] finals every single year. You do if you're me, but at the league level you don't." (Tim DeByl is also owner and coach of the Madison Radcials.)

NOTE: Indy is currently in the Midwestern Division, but was in the "Western" Division in AUDL's inaugural year (2012).

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