Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Spike Friedman Reaches Verdict in Ultimate Discovery

Did Spike Friedman like ultimate*?

Ripped from Friedman's article via SKYD magazine (winter 2016 issue), here are some of his reasons for liking ultimate during his discovery of the sport:
1. "The personality of ultimate as an event."
As any ultimate player can attest, ultimate is fun. Spike learned the game ought to be fun, the people ought be more fun, and the vibe between game and people ought to be the most fun.

2. "When played at the highest level ultimate is a forum for players to creatively display their athleticism."
Well said, Spike. Ultimate players are athletes with similar skills seen in other sports.

3. "Ultimate looks like football without the collisions." AND "...a more rigorously coached professional ultimate league is arguably the perfect methadone for a nation of football junkies."
Well, injuries still happen in ultimate, but certainly not at the rate of football players. Plus, youth enjoy playing ultimate (and so do their parents)!

Friedman also cites areas that ultimate could improve. For example, tweaking the rules to make pulls more interesting and feeling like the defenses were too "lax" and offenses were "rote" at times.

So, did Spike Friedman like ultimate?  Yes.

* Mostly via Seattle Rainmakers (MLU) games.

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