Thursday, March 31, 2016

Detroit Mechanix Ride 29-Game Losing Streak into 2016 Season

The Detroit Mechanix begin their 5th season in the American Ultimate Disc League seeking their first win since July 7, 2013. Detroit has posted back-to-back winless seasons — (0-14) in the 2014 season and (0-14) in 2015. Moreover, Mechanix enter the 2016 season with having lost 29 consecutive games.
Their historic 29-game losing streak tops all major sports leagues.

At their season opener on April 2, it will be exactly 1000 days since they last won a league game.

The first game for Detroit is against Cincinnati Revolution - the team the Mechanix beat for their last win in 2013. (Detroit won by 1 goal.)

Detroit plays Cincy 3 times in the 2016 regular season.

The Detroit Mechanix have an overall 0.183 winning percentage with a record of (11-49).

[Team History via AUDL]

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