Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New 2016 DC Breeze Jerseys

The D.C. Breeze unveiled an updated jersey for their 2016 American Ultimate Disc League season. In contrast to past year's jerseys, the dark and light tops will be cut from the same design. The 2016 dark will be blue and grey, while the 2016 light jersey - mostly white with a blue sleeve and side  - will have a similar stars and stripes look to past years.

Judging by the provided image, the star pattern will be less muted and possibly out from bottom to top.  The shirt collar will now match the primary color of the short; dark: blue, light: white. The right sleeve has the Breeze's sponsor - Papa John's Pizza, which extended a discount when the Breeze won. The AUDL will again appear on the left sleeve, but with clutter (stars) on the sleeves. The 3 red stars from the D.C. flag are now on both jerseys, and the S-curve returns but with thinner red lines (possible connection to the Breeze's home field near the Metro's red line?).

The Breeze logo is predominantly red with blue accents, yet their unis are more blue & grey (darks) and white & blue (lights). Some D.C. sports purists might argue there's not enough red (or too much blue) to fit in with other Washington D.C. sports teams.

[Images via DCBreeze, Facebook 1, 2]

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