Friday, March 04, 2016

Trying to Make Sense of WFDF Kickstarter

To begin, I supported WFDF's Kickstarter campaign, but I don't want to have to in the future.

I love World Flying Disc Federation's ambitious proposal for attempting to increase their coverage. Avoiding the same mistake as in 2014's club ultimate event is encouraged. The 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships will be an incredible event and absolutely worthy of capturing on video.

However, I am disheartened by this aspect of the World Flying Disc Federation's campaign where WFDF admits: "We've talked to sponsors and the big brands won't touch a sport that doesn't have the viewership data to back it up. They told us, you show us the numbers and we'll show you the support."

Why only interested in "big" brands? 
Well, then, consider small or medium brands instead of just the big brands as a starting point. Why not work with 5 sponsors at the $15,000 level or 3 sponsors at the $25,000 level to reach the hefty $75,000 goal? If the big brands marketing approach did not work out, then WFDF should have pivoted for their other financing options.

WFDF as the sport's federation did not properly plan, in my opinion, for this project. The necessary amount of resources to cover WFDF's biggest event (2,000 athletes from 40+ countries) and most attractive to sponsors should have been financially secured years ago.

Now, the ultimate community is on the hook for WUGC's video project bill. (WFDF is planning to throw in $25,000 on the video production, according to Ultiworld.) By asking ultimate players to literally "buy-in" to WFDF's marketing project makes it feel more like a financial bailout, though.

Money is Out There
It's hard to fathom WFDF could not convince any sponsors/brands — endemic or non-endemic — to provide support. There is hope for corporate support for ultimate judging by these 3 sponsorship examples:

Beer Miler + Brooks
CrossFit + Reebok
Endurance sports + Gatorade (PepsiCo)

Ultimate is popular. Right? 
FACT: Over 5 million Americans played ultimate in 2012.
FACT: Nearly 440,000 children* played ultimate (*aged 6-12)
FACT: 7.5 million people in the world play games with a disc.

Perhaps there's truth to this about those watching ultimate.

Now what?
If you believe in our sport, then you must support their Kickstarter AND you should definitely share the Kickstarter with others. Most of all, when the Kickstarter campaign succeeds, you need to promote WFDF's broadcasting of WUGC 2016.

Hopefully, this crowdfunding project is a one-time request and, as sponsors pour in (hey, they are out there somewhere), it does not become an biennial funding campaign.

I supported WFDF's Kickstarter campaign. I have shared the Kickstarter. And, I will promote WFDF's WUGC broadcast.    You should, too.

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