Monday, March 28, 2016

Published Salary for Pro Ultimate Player

How many salaried players are needed to call AUDL a professional league? Well, we know of at least one who ekes out a living with his salary from an AUDL team.

In a late 2015 American Ultimate Disc League Tuesday Toss, Andrew Zill (owner of the San Jose Spiders) was quoted as saying: "I think this is a watershed moment for the league. Beau will be the first truly professional ultimate player in history, and I think that's a big deal" regarding Beau Kittredge's signing in the offseason with the Dallas Roughnecks.

However, the exact dollar amount had never been published. Go as far back as 2013, there was belief of a $40,000 contract for Brodie "Frisbee (It's not a Frisbee) Trickshooter" Smith.

Now, a March 25, 2016, article in Peninsula Press [a project of the Stanford Journalism Program] stated Beau's salary as "in the ballpark of" $50,000. The reliable source on the annual salary figure? The person who is paying that salaryJim Gerencser, owner of the Dallas Roughnecks (AUDL).
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The article also indicates that Jimmy Mickle and Cassidy Rasmussen "make similarly high salaries, though less than Kittredge," and that their Mickle & Cassidy's contract is associated with Gerencser's non-proift Early Recognition Is Critical (E.R.I.C.).

Ultiworld mentions Beau took an easy day-to-day job with Nationwide Auto Services-again, an Gerencser-run company.

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