Saturday, March 26, 2016

Answer: Who is Doug Behrend?

You'd be correct if the clue was: He's a Grand Masters Division ultimate player who plays on Ozark Hillbillys from Fayetteville, Arkansas and he's known as "Dr. Doug" (a.k.a Double D).
Alex Trebek & Douglas Behrend [photo via]
Doug Behrend appeared on the March 25, 2016, episode of Jeopardy! Doug, professor of psychological science at the University of Arkansas, led with $9200 after two rounds and then correctly answered Final Jeopardy! giving him a 1-day total of $16,401.

UPDATE [3/29/2016]: As defending champion, Doug's next show was 2nd after two rounds with $15,000 and correctly scored Final Jeopardy! winning a day's total of $22,900, finishing in 2nd place on the March 28th episode.
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