Monday, March 07, 2016

St. Olaf College Women's Ultimate Changes Team Name

St. Olaf College women's ultimate frisbee teams were formerly known as Durga and Shanti until they changed their names to Vortex (A Team) and Tempest (B team) out of respect to Hindu culture. Durga had been their team name for the past 25 years.
Former team logo for Durga

Former team logo for Shanti

In December 2015, the women's ultimate teams of the college located in Northfield, Minnesota, officially changed their names after being alerted the names were disrespectful.

Per the article: At the heart of the issue was that the frisbee team was appropriating Hindu symbols and names. Not only was the name of the team problematic, but so were the symbols that emblazoned the team's frisbees. "It was really the Om symbol on frisbees that we thought was most offensive, because those frisbees touch the ground and are thrown around, and that's not okay," Hamsitha Dontamsetty said. "The Om, which is probably the most sacred and important symbol in Hinduism, represents a lot of things. It represents the three trinity gods that we have. It represents the first sound that the universe made when it was created. It's a prayer; you could say it’s a prayer for peace on earth."

In November 2015, the teams raised over $1300 in online donations for new jerseys because of the name and logo changes. Examples of previous year's jerseys: light and dark.

Vortex recently wore DIY jerseys with a new logo.
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[h/t 'Frisbee Controversy']

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