Saturday, March 26, 2016

MLU Throws In The Towel

Soccer-style scarves may be only available for 3 MLU teams, but performance towels are another story product.  Six of 8 MLU teams currently offer athletic performance towels. (Yet only 1 out 3 water-based team names have a towel.) Somehow, missing are the Whitecaps and the Dogfish?

Info: High-quality performance towels from Arete Complete are made with a high thread count microfiber, designed to feel incredibly soft, absorb moisture and dry quickly.

Price: $23.99


Towels Ranked by Design
1st) Vancouver: Nice-looking change up on the Nighthawks' typical black & grey logo.

2) Seattle Rainmakers:  Their logo looks like it was ready made for a towel.

3) Philadelphia: The red trim helps accent the Spinners' blue-hued logo.

4) DC: The inverse black and white Current badge is different, yet fitting.

5) New York: The green stripe saves an otherwise bland towel for the Rumble.

6th/Last) Portland Stags: Looks undone, like a new page in a coloring book.

Not available: Boston & San Francisco

[images via MLUShop]

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