Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Where Have All the MLU MVPs Gone?

The trend for Major League Ultimate's Most Valuable Players are to play in the American Ultimate Disc League.

Adam Simon (Seattle Rainmakers) won the Western Conference MVP; in 2015, "Chicken" played for the Seattle Cascades (AUDL).

The Eastern Conference MVP was Chris Mazur (New York Rumble), who is now on the New York Empire (AUDL) 2016 roster.

Brendan Wong (Vancouver Nighthawks) won the Western Conference MVP; Wong is currently roster on the Vancouver Riptide (AUDL) 2016 roster.

Alan Kolick (DC Current) was the MVP of the Eastern Conference; Kolick is now on the 2016 roster of the D.C. Breeze (AUDL).

Mark Burton (Seattle Rainmakers) is the second Rainmakers player to win the Western Conference MVP award; Burton is now on the Seattle Cascades (AUDL) roster.

Jeff Graham (Boston Whitecaps) won the Eastern Conference MVP, though, Graham is currently not rostered for the 2016 season.

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