Friday, March 25, 2016

Sports Illustrated Disapproves of Ultimate Frisbee Name

In the March 28, 2016, issue of Sports Illustrated magazine, the Scorecard 'March Sanity' rants on the topic of common sense and hyperbole.  The article takes a jab at the name of ultimate Frisbee.

"Anything that sets off you b.s. detector is an affront to common sense. Ultimate Frisbee was never even the finest example of flying-disk [sic] competitions, and ought to have been called, at the very most, Penultimate Frisbee. Instead, the sport doubled down and changed its name to just plain Ultimate, placing itself at the apex of all human endeavorsbetter than sex, art of spaghetti Bolognese. For a sport played without balls, Ultimate certainly has a pair."

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[h/t CH, images via SI magazine pages]


Joe Seidler said...

You might play the sport before judging its name. If you had done some homework, you would know the word "Frisbee" was dropped over 20 years ago when Wham-O copyrighted the word.

dusty.rhodes said...

You're directing that comment at Sports Illustrated through Sludge Output?

Sludge is a bigger deal than I realized!

Ultimate is a stupid name. So is football (in America). So it goes.

Richard C. Lambert said...

September 23rd, 2001. Foxboro, Massachusetts. 5 minutes are left to play in what has been a pretty dull defensive battle between AFC East Rivals, the New York Jets and the New England Patriots

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