Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Actual. Coverage. by DC Sports Bog

Well, it's not the first time the DC Current was mentioned on the Sports Bog, but this is actual coverage of pro Ultimate Frisbee on the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog!

[Screengrab from DC Sports Bog]
D.C. ultimate frisbee team beats Boston with last-second floaty hammer [Washington Post DC Sports Bog]

Lost amid the growing Wizards playoff fervor — and really, every other local sports story not involving the District’s semi-pro ultimate frisbee team — is the strong start to the season by the D.C. Current.

The Current, who finished 4-6 in Major League Ultimate’s inaugural season, is 2-1 in Year 2 and handed last year's champs, the Boston Whitecaps, their first loss in franchise history on April 19. That game featured a pretty exciting finish as ultimate frisbee finishes go. Like, exciting-enough-to-blog-about-it-about-10-days-later exciting....

 Peter Prial made the most of the Current’s second chance, sending a “floaty hammer” to the end zone that Calvin Oung managed to snag among a crowd.

This concludes your Major League Ultimate — and sports vernacular — update. Floaty. Hammer.

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