Saturday, April 12, 2014

Washington DC Breeze 2014 Season

On 4/12, the DC Breeze start a new pro Ultimate season to improve upon their 4-12 record last year in the AUDL.

The DC Breeze open their 2nd season by playing their first-ever home game outside of the District. The AUDL team based in DC played all their 2013 games in southeast DC at Anacostia High School. Their 2014 schedule has 1 game in Falls Church, VA, and the remaining 6 home game at University of Maryland.

Don Grage, a local Ultimate player, is new to the Breeze organization and has been written up to help promote the season and the sport. (Fairfax Co. Times; Falls Church News Press)

PREDICTIONS: 2nd place in the East with a 9-5 record by SKYD. Highly favored by Ultiworld to have a winning record and may even challenge Toronto for the division title.

COACHING: The coaching staff is led by the talented Head Coach "Dutchy" Ghesquiere.

ROSTER: Their 28-player roster is full of quality Ultimate players from the Washington, DC area, Pittsburgh and North Carolina. It will be extremely exciting to watch the team play together -- it's not if, it's when will they gel as a team?
Liam Shramko, Justin Solis, Dan Selwyn, Tim Ryan, and Jon Pressimone
with owners Don Grage & Aaron Foreman (from L to R)

OTHER AREAS TO WATCH: The refs must improve! The ones used last year had a football background, but it was evident they were out of their element refereeing an Ultimate game. A former player called the 2013 refs "a joke."
The repeated problems with the PA system at the stadium should be fixed so that everything from the national anthem, players introductions, and the emcee, can be heard by the paying fans.
Hopefully the website will be REGULARLY updated throughout the ENTIRE season. Please.
The Cloud Coverage blog was nice, but it seems to have died.

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