Friday, April 18, 2014

MLU 2014 Season Tickets

Major League Ultimate teams sell tickets for single games and full season via TicketLeap. Last year, season ticket prices were uniform ($80) for every team; in 2014, teams have set their own prices. Portland offers the least expensive tickets in the MLU, while Vancouver's season tickets are the most expensive.

Season Tix Prices [Ranked lowest to highest]:
1st) Portland Stags; $40
2nd) DC Current; $59
3rd-t) San Francisco Dogfish, Boston Whitecaps; $60
5th-t) Seattle Rainmakers, New York Rumble, Philadelphia Spinners; $64
8th) Vancouver Nighthawks; $73.02 (converted into USD from $80 CAD)

Single Game Tix Prices [Ranked lowest to highest]:
1st) Portland; $12
2nd) San Francisco; $13
3rd) DC; $14
4th) Vancouver; $14.60  (converted into USD from $16 CAD)
5th) Boston; $15
6th-t) Seattle, New York, Philadelphia; $16
  • Average single game ticket price = $14.58

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Joseph Russo said...

Season Two will look much like the first season in terms of schedule. Our 8 teams will play 10 games United Center concerts before moving onto the Conference Championships. Conference Champions will then meet in the MLU Championship Game.