Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 7: Buffet Style

Team 1st Half 2nd Half FINAL
BtS 7 2 9

Sludge finished their regular season with a strong performance over Built to Swill.  Charlie's two-handed helicopter throw started Sludge with a 1-0 lead. Early breaks by Sludge's defense helped pad the lead.

A goal line defense by Rachel led to Joe's cross-field goal to Mike; 4-3. A throwaway gave way to a score by Andrew; 5-3.

Swill's offense began to find holes in brown's cup to score consecutive goals and take the lead; 5-6.

Down by 1, Sludge then feasted on a 10-3 run the rest of the game. Chris' layout on the sidelines from Charlie's high flick, 6s; Henry's continuation of flow up the sideline to Andrew, 8-7; Brian's 15-yard backhand to Steve after the timeout, 10-7; Matthew's knockdown led to a Andrew-to-Joe-to-Sarah connection, 11-7.

Sludge was about to put away the game with another break opportunity, but committed another turnover at/near their end zone. The safety of a 3-point lead (11-8) was questioned just like the idli (iddly) buffet item at Tiffin.
Pulling an errant pulled disc out of a tree
At 12-9, Sludge scored the next 3 points -- Andrew to Chris to Henry with a bendy flick back toward Chris, which Rachel caught, 13-9; Joe's blade to Rachel at the cone; and, then Brian's throw-&-go with Mike which led to Matthew's flick to Sarah. Sludge win 15-9.


(4) Rachel
(2) Sarah, Andrew, Mike
(1) Joe, Chris, Brian, Steve, Henry

(5) Henry
(4) Matthew
(3) Joe
(2) Charlie
(1) Brian

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