Thursday, April 10, 2014

Club Rosters on Western Conference MLU Teams

The 2014 MLU regular season, like last year, is before the 2014 club season begins. The primary source of MLU players are from club teams, and here's the breakdown for each team in the west:

Primary Club Team Feeder on each Western Conference MLU Team Roster
72% (18 of 25) Vancouver Nighthawks roster  = Vancouver Furious George
46% (11 of 24) Portland Stags roster = Portland Rhino
33% (10 of 30) San Francisco Dogfish roster = Bay Area Boost Mobile
40% (12 of 30) Seattle Rainmakers roster = Seattle Sockeye + Seattle Voodoo

Compare to 2013 Rosters: Seattle. San Fran. Vancouver. Portland

{Thanks to @ultimatepulse for contributing to data collection.}

NOTES: 2014 is a Worlds year.
Portland is the only Western MLU team without a competing intra-city AUDL team.
Some Sockeye players decided not to play for Rainmakers, affecting Seattle %
Two new Bay Area pro Ultimate teams (AUDL) started up in 2014, affecting S.F. %
A Vancouver AUDL franchise also started in 2014.

[SOURCE: Published MLU 2014 rosters and 2013 Club Rosters]

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