Sunday, April 06, 2014

Week 4: Back to the Drawing Board

Sludge had a case of the dropsies on offense and were swiss cheese on defense - not a pretty combination. Discs were bouncing off fingertips and sliding through clasped hands, while the defense was unable to force many turnovers on a very patient Backhanded Compliment.

Down 0-3 early, Sludge found their legs to tie it up. Mike's hucks to Nigel; Nigel's catch of a tipped disc from Charlie's huck to the endzone; and, bookends by Rachel.

At 4-6, the game flow was uncharacteristic as Sludge had trouble taking advantage of Backhanded Compliment's scarce turnovers. Offensively, Sludge chalked up more unforced errors than scoring opportunities, especially during BHC's 4-point run (4-10).

Sludge performed slightly better in the second half with some garbage points at the end of the game. David to Russ to Chris, 5-10; Sarah's knees-slide catch, 7-12; and Michael to Joe to Sarah, 8-14. Loss 9-15.

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