Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Callahan by Beau

Beau Kittredge of the San Jose Spiders caught a Callahan in last Sunday's AUDL game versus the Lions. The play which took less than 3 seconds has the makings of a segment on Sport Science.

The Salt Lake player establishes a pivot 10 yards before the endzone line and throws a backhand aimed toward a teammate in middle of the field.

Beau (#50 in black) immediately sniffs out the pass and sprints 10+ yards in the direction of the disc as the Lions receiver waits for the disc to arrive. Beau jump-lays out with outstretched arm for the disc and snags the disc one-handed (avoiding contact) as his momentum carries him 3 yards into the endzone for the score.

Breakdown of Spiders Callahan (April 20, 2014) [Measurements are approximate]
Play sequence:

The shadow cast of this play is remarkably bizarre.

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