Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The listing of American Ultimate Disc League games are now appearing on the ESPN3 website.

Search under the "Upcoming" tab with the keyword "disc" or "Ultimate" and receive results. As of yesterday, one game from each division West, Midwest, Northeast  for the first 3 weeks of the season are scheduled. Another Northeast matchup was just added today.

April 12 @ 10pm ET: San Francisco FlameThrowers vs. San Jose Spiders

April 19 @ 3:30pm ET: Toronto Rush vs. Montreal Royal

April 25 @ 8pm ET: Madison Radicals vs. Minnesota Wind Chill

May 3 @ 6pm ET: Rochester Dragons @ Toronto Rush

Screen grab from ESPN3
First off, congrats to the AUDL for securing ESPN3 streaming for their pro Ultimate league.

Second, darn it ESPN! Ultimate is not "Games". Ultimate is not "Poker". Ultimate is not "Entertainment". Ultimate is a sport called "Ultimate".

Lastly, even the Worldwide Leader in Sports is having some issues with the team names (FlameThrowers or Flame Throwers; Wind Chill or Windchill).

[h/t Ultiworld]

UPDATED: AUDL posted a 'Game of the Week' schedule.

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