Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recap: Toronto Rush at DC Breeze (April 12, 2014)

There was a slight wind (okay, "breeze") at the field in Falls Church, VA, which affected both offenses. DC Breeze's double-teaming on the handler zone was very effective, forcing Rush handlers into difficult swings.

Breeze played with more energy in the first half compared to the the Rush. The Alex Thorne-Tyler DeGirolamo connection worked early and often through 3 quarters. Meanwhile, the Rush had many unforced errors in the first 3 quarters - uncharacteristic drops and turfing the disc.

Mark Lloyd showed why he was MVP of AUDL Championships II; he was un-guardable, and had impressive controlled throws of all sorts & distances. Kudos toUltiPhotos for capturing Geoff Powell's (Rush) incredible D's [view full album].

The Rush scored 2 buzzer beaters - once at halftime, and another at the end of the 3rd; both were controversial. For the halftime score, it seemed like the throw was in the air before the air horn was went off, but not before time ran out. To clarify: time had expired on the scoreboard (0:00), then the sound for ending that quarter came from the booth. Very close play. The Rush's end-of-the-3rd-quarter score was setup by the Rush with 2 players in the endzone ready for a huck. One of their players picked the Breeze defender by what appeared to be a feinged attempt (an early jump) to the the disc, allowing the other player to catch an uncontested disc deep in the endzone that sailed over the Breeze defender who was out of position because of the "pick".

Toronto played a full AUDL game (four 12-minute quarters); Breeze played until 15 points (a typical end to a club game). In the end, Toronto was not in any rush and managed the clock for a 1-point victory.

Other notes:
Jonathon Neeley did not play due to a finger injury.

Samantha McClellan (of DC Scandal) was a one of the game refs.

The attendance was estimated at ~425 people, plus a few pet dogs.

The game's emcee, Greg Esser, did a great job with describing rules of the pro game and assist-score recaps.

This was the first Breeze home game played outside of the District.

All the Breeze players had the same blue baseball hat with the "B" Breeze logo.

Daniel "White Hat" Selwyn (#94) wearing a blue hat.

Final score: Mustangs (Breeze) 19, Visitors  (Rush) 20.

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Lucius said...

"White hat" wearing a blue hat really confused me... esp. when several others were wearing the same hat.