Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Review of Pro Ultimate Team Logos (2014)

The pro Ultimate season is starting soon (April 12) which means it's time to critique the logos and nicknames of pro Ultimate teams. Now in its third year, our motivation remains the same – if the professional leagues want to be taken seriously as "professional," then they should present themselves "professionally."

A logo is a team's public image so its logo should not be ugly, cheaply designed or sloppily drawn. The sport will someday be lauded on its athletic merits, but until then, pro Ultimate will be judged on its outward appearance. Having a presentable team logo is a good starting point.

Regardless of financial motivations, the two leagues – AUDL & MLU – have an inherent responsibility of representing the sport of Ultimate. Not just Ultimate, but AUDLtimate and MLUltimate.

I, again, welcome Eli Neugeboren (@enoogs) to evaluate and grade the logos for six new professional Ultimate teams, plus some "alternate" logos.

Catch up on some past critiques: AUDL logos in 2012 . AUDL & MLU logos 2013 .


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