Friday, April 04, 2014

Review: San Francisco FlameThrowers (AUDL)

Part of the series critiquing the professional Ultimate team logos and nicknames.

Team: San Francisco FlameThrowers

Web: // twitter: @SFFlameThrowers

Representation: City // League: AUDL

Disc within logo?: No. // Ultimate element in team name?: No. (Except for "thrower")

Eli's Eval: Incorporating the Golden Gate into the top section of the shield is a brilliant stroke that is deftly handled. It is subtle enough that it may initially be read as strictly decorative, and works effectively to frame the team name, but also gives us geographic context. The colors are bright and bold (SF Giants!) without being hard to look at. The designer took the time make sure that lines and spaces are equal to give overall balance to the design.

Type is simple but it works. There is just enough whimsy in the R's to offset how truly basic this font is. The arch on the top of the team name is gentle but well executed. The drop-shadow on the "SF" is nice and adds some volume but the connection from the arm of the "F" to the flame could be a bit better; the subtle dip along the top interrupts the otherwise even rhythm of the drop-shadow. Where the mid-crossbar of the F stops and the flame starts, heading out to the edge of the shield, the line curves down ever-so-slightly.

:Eli's Grades:
Overall Grade: A-
On Logo: A-
On Typography: A-

Background by SLUDGE: A baseball term for a pitcher who can throw the ball very fast. Beau calls them the "Flamers." The flamethrower weapon is banned in California. Also has ties to the special occasion of "throwing fire" in RPS. (Fire beats rock, paper AND scissors.) Though, as we all know, fire can only be used once in an Ultimate players lifetime.

First impression(s) by SLUDGE: Still concerned about the spelling ("Flame Throwers" vs. "FlameThrowers"). Perhaps an allusion to North Carolina's elite men's club team, Ring of Fire. Gives a vibe of a Harley-Davidson dealership in San Fran.

What are you thoughts on this AUDL's team name & logo?

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