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MLU Snapshots 2014

A regular look at the numbers and trends in Major League Ultimate.

MLU Finals (July 19, 2014)
Washington DC Current beat Vancouver Nighthawks 23-17 to win the 2014 MLU Championship in Chester, Pennsylvania

9 games = winning streak by DC Current

-6 = largest point differential in a Vancouver 2014 loss

Vancouver's 2nd half point total = DC's 1st half point total; 13.

(11-1) DC Current 2014 record, including playoffs

(7-1) = DC's 2014 record in games when they allow 17 points

(9-0) = DC's 2014 record in games when they score 20+ points

22.2 = average scores in DC's 2014 wins, excluding Finals

Eastern Conference teams are undefeated (2-0) in the MLU Finals

Peter Prial has won back-to-back MLU championships; in 2014 with DC Current and in 2013 with Boston Whitecaps.

The MLU Championship on July 19 was Major League Ultimate's second-ever inter-conference game

Playoffs (June 28, 2014)

DC completed its first-wins-versus-Boston "Trifecta"

Current (9-1; 1-0) are now (4-0) in games decided by 2 scores or less.

DC Current won the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals by the same exact score as Week 2, when they beat Boston 18 to 17.

Portland Stags matched their lowest scoring total of 2014 in their 13-14 playoff loss to Vancouver.

Vancouver did not allow a goal in the first quarter of WCF - the first ever shutout/scoreless quarter in the playoffs. [via]

+1 = point differential in the Western Conference Finals in 2013 AND in 2014.

Winning Streaks:
8 games by DC Current
5 games by Vancouver Nighthawks

The MLU 2014 Championship Game is set for Saturday, July 19:
2014 WESTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPION: Vancouver Nighthawks

Week 11 (June 21, 2014)
Jim Foster (Boston) scored a Callahan in the Whitecaps' 21-16 win over New York.

The final Western Conference standings were completely reversed from last year.; 2014: 1st) Stags 2nd) Nighthawks 3rd) Rainmakers 4th) Dogfish. 2013: 1st) San Francisco 2nd) Seattle 3rd) Vancouver 4th) Portland.

-58 = goal differential by New York Rumble (2-8); the worst differential in MLU history (2013-14).

4 = # of teams that scored at least 200 goals in 2014 (DC, BOS, PHL, VAN). In 2013, only 2 teams achieved this milestone -- BOS, SF.

3 = # of Eastern Conference teams with at least 200 goals scored in 2014.

7 games = DC Current's winning streak.

6 games = NY Rumble's losing streak.

4 games = Seattle Rainmakers' losing streak.

(27-13) (.675) = record/winning % of home teams in MLU 2014 regular season.

+72 = increase in goals scored by MLU teams, compared to 2013 (East = +45; West = +27)

Week 10 (June 14-15, 2014)
+3 = largest margin of victory in 2014 for Philadelphia in the Spinner's 21-18 win over Boston.

1.5 points = average margin of victory for Philadelphia Spinners (4-5).

The back-to-back losses (weeks 9, 10) for Boston Whitecaps are their first consecutive losing streak in franchise history.

6 games = DC Current's winning streak.

5 games = NY Rumble's losing streak.

3 games = Seattle Rainmakers' losing streak.

(1-5) = overall record of MLU teams who played back-to-back games; SF (0-4), POR (1-1).

Vancouver Nighthawks clinched a 2014 playoff spot.

Whitecaps are the only MLU team with a losing record (4-5) and a positive Goal Differential (+25).

Week 9 (June 7-8, 2014)
Portland Stags (6-1) clinched a 2014 playoff spot in the West.

Away teams went (3-1) this weekend.

Boston lost at home for the first time in their history. The Whitecaps were (10-0) before their 16-22 loss to DC.

In the 3 games between NY & Philadelphia, total points:
New York Rumble = 58 points scored
Philadelphia Spinners = 59 points scored

Because...EACH of the 3 NY vs. Philadelphia games this season were decided by ONE point. (23-24, NYR; 12-13, PHL; 23-22, PHL)

In 3 of the 4 games, the losing team scored their lowest total of the season:
12 points = Seattle's lowest scoring total in 2014 in the Rainmakers' 12-27 loss vs Vancouver.
12 points = San Francisco's lowest scoring total in 2014 in the Dogfish's 12-17 loss to Portland.
16 points = Boston's lowest scoring total in 2014 in the Whitecaps' 21-16 loss to DC.

-15 = largest point differential by Seattle in their loss.

Week 8 (May 31, 2014)
Vancouver Nighthawks won 29-25 in Double OT* over Seattle. * = double OT should have been played as sudden death, but was played as another 5-minute OT. So, Vancouver will be the only team to have won a sudden death OT by more than 1 point.

53 = most combined points in an MLU game, Vancouver 29 – 24 Seattle, in 2OT on May 31.

Vancouver (3-4; Home: 2-1, Away: 1-3) won their first away game.

Seattle (4-3; Home: 3-1, Away: 1-2) lost their first home game.

29 = points by Vancouver in May 31st game AND May 10th game, both vs Seattle.

SF Dogfish (2-6) went winless in away games, going 0-5 on the road in 2014. San Francisco will be/is the only Western Conference team to not win a road game in 2014. (In the Eastern Conference, neither the Rumble nor Spinners have yet to win a 2014 road game.)

DC (6-1) is the first MLU team to clinch a 2014 playoff spot; this will be Current's second consecutive appearance in MLU's post-season.

New York's scoring average: 20 pts @ home; 11.75 pts @ away. The Rumble have not scored more than 18 points in the past five games, during which they have gone 1-4.

Week 7 (May 24, 2014)
Only two games on the schedule.

+17 = margin of victory in Boston's 23-6 win over New York Rumble.  (+18 is the record.)

-16 = New York Rumble's goal difference in 2013 (10 games).

6 = points by New York in their loss to Boston. The Rumble did not score a goal in the entire 10 minutes of the 4th quarter. [MLU]

6 = lowest point total by an MLU team, New York Rumble 6-23 loss vs. Boston.

Morgan Hibbert (Vancouver Nighthawks) was ejected from the San Francisco game.

29 = point total by Vancouver in their win on May 10.
28 points = combined point total by Nighthawks in their last 2 losses (L 12-13; L 16-19)

15 games remain in the 2014 regular season.

Week 6 (May 17-18, 2014)
Home teams are (19-4) [0.826] overall in 2014.  Only 3 teams have won on the road -- DC (5-1), Seattle (4-2), Portland (3-1). These team are the only MLU teams with a winning record.

+22 = DC's point differential over NY. +23 = DC's pt diff over other Eastern Conference teams. [MLU]

Portland Stags (3-1) lost for the first-time this season.

In Boston's 3 losses, the Whitecaps have lost each by 1 point.
In Philadelphia's 2 wins, the Spinners have won both by 1 point.

25 = total points scored in Vancouver 12 - 13 San Francisco OT game.
25 = points by Seattle in their 25-23 win over Portland.
25 = points by Boston in their 25-26 loss to Philadelphia.

Week 5 (May 10, 2014)
After Week 5, DC Current matches their win total (4) from all of last season.

Homes teams were 3-0 in week 5, bringing home teams records to 17-2 (0.894) overall in 2014.

Boston Whitecaps wore their white alternate kits for the first time in 2014 for their home game vs Philadelphia, who have yet to wear their whites in 2014.

29 goals = highest offensive total by Vancouver Nighthawks in 2014, versus Seattle.

52 = highest combined score total in 2014, during Vancouver's 29-23 win over Seattle; averaging 1 goal/~47 seconds.

No Sunday games were /scheduled played for the first time this season.

Week 4 (May 3-4, 2014)
Michael Panna (Philadelphia Spinners) recorded the first Callahan ("Pannahan"?) this week.

4-0 = record of home teams during week 4.

25 = highest point total ever by DC Current (2013-2014) in their 25-23 win over Spinners.

0-2 = Boston's road record in 2014. The Whitecaps were 5-0 in 2013.

3 = win streak by Portland Stags (3-0); the only undefeated team in the MLU.

0-4 = San Francisco's record during their 2 weekends of back-to-back games.

With 6 more weeks left in the season, San Francisco Dogfish have played 60% of their scheduled games.

24 = # of games remaining in the MLU 2014 regular season, after week 4.

14-2  (0.875) = record/winning percentage of home teams (16 games). Only DC (on 4/12) and Portland (on 4/26) have won on the road...only Philadelphia (vs. Current) and San Fran (vs. Stags) have lost at home.

Week 3 (April 26-27, 2014)
Portland Stags (2-0) are the only undefeated team in the MLU.

Portland's 18-16 win over San Francisco was the Stags first-ever road win, and the first loss at home for the Dogfish.

60 = # of turnovers in the Rumble vs Spinners 2OT game. [MLU]

3 out of 5 (60%) games (2013-2014) between Rumble and Spinners have extended into double overtime. [John Phillips]

8-0 = home record (2013-2014, including playoffs) of Boston Whitecaps

Saturday's game was the first meeting of the season between Vancouver Nighthawks at Seattle Rainmakers, billed as "Border Bid Cup," and was played at a "neutral site" in the state of Washington.

Week 2 (April 19-20, 2014)
Home teams went 4-0 this week.

Boston Whitecaps lost for the first-time ever; their overall MLU record is 13-1.

In 14 games, Washington, DC Current is the only MLU team to have ever beaten Boston.

364 days = length of Boston's win streak, from April 20, 2013 until April 19, 2014.

2 games were tied at the end of regulation -- San Francisco Dogfish @ Seattle Rainmakers (1 OT) and Philadelphia Spinners @ New York Rumble (2 OT). The Spinners vs Rumble game was the first 2014 game to go in double overtime.

-11 = largest deficit ever by Dogfish in their 15 to 26 loss to the Nighthawks.

The Dogfish are the only team in the MLU to have multiple back-to-back games in the 2014 season. San Fran went 0-2 in this weekend's back-to back games. Their next "doubleheader" is 5/3 (vs. Portland) and 5/4 (vs. Seattle). Portland play their b2b games on June 14-15.

After 2 weeks, Philadelphia Spinners are the only win-less team in the MLU.

All Western Conference teams have 1 win.

Alan Kolick (DC Current) completed all 56 of his passes in Saturday's win, continuing his streak of 100% accuracy thru 2 games.

Portland Stags (1-0; Western) and DC Current (2-0; Eastern) are the only unbeaten teams in the MLU.


Week 1 (April 12, 2014)
Danny Clark (Boston Whitecaps) recorded the first score of the MLU 2014 season.

Donnie Clark (no relation to Danny) recorded the first score for Seattle Rainmakers on the West coast.

The home teams won 3 out of 4 games this week.

Boston Whitecaps' win streak is now at 13 games; undefeated record (11-0) in the regular season.

21.9 = Boston Whitecaps average score in the 2013 regular season. Showing their consistency, they found the endzone 22 times in their win on Saturday.

In their victory over Seattle, San Francisco Dogfish scored 18 goals -- their exact goal average against Seattle in regular season 2013 games.

1 = # of wins Portland Stags have in 2014, matching their win total in 2013, (1-9). Stags beat Nighthawks 23-21.

3 = # of times Vancouver Nighthawks scored 20 or more goals AND LOST, since 2013. This oddity* has happened to only three other teams, once per team.

*In 40 regular season games in 2013, only 5 times did a MLU team score 20 or more points AND LOSE. (Nighthawks: Week 8 in 2013; 21 pts. Week 10 in 2013; 20 pts.  Stags: Week 3 in 2013; 21 pts.  Rumble: Week 10 in 2013; 20 pts. Dogfish: Week 10 in 2013; 22 pts.)

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