Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weeks 5 & 6

Week 5: vs. Catch You Later

What the DC "field" (a euphemism) lacked in grass, it made up for with seating options.

Sludge started slow trailing 0-2, then upped their game into half. Michael to Bucci, 1-2; Brian to Nigel, 2-2; Henry to Bucci after consecutive 10-yard throws, 3-2; Joe to Rachel, 6-2; Russ to Nigel; 8-2. Sludge's defense shutdown Catch You Later's primary O targets, which provided plenty of transition opportunities.

The offense continued what it's supposed to be do (finding the end zone) in the second half. Bucci to David; 13-3; Russ to Rachel, 14-4.  Win 15-6.

Week 6:  vs. Care Bears

In a rare occasion, Sludge leavened at the beginning of the game with a 3-0 lead. Henry to Joe, 1-0; Michael to Bethany with a high release back hand to Rachel, 2-0; Brian to Russ, 3-0. The lead continued to rise after unforgiving D-to-O tranSItioNs; 8-1.

Sludge conducted an "egg" rolling on its 9-0 run, during which brown primarily played person defense. Nigel's backhand to Bucci, 10-1; Rachel's floaty backhand to no one that Matthew caught, 11-1; Charlie's record a bookend after his second hand block tip of the point led to catching Joe's IO in the end zone, 12-1; Andrew to David to Matthew, 14-3; Bethany's toss to Nigel ended the game. Win 15-3.
Andrew on defense.
Ultimate playing continued after the game as a way to savor the day.

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Rachel H. said...

"Rachel's floaty backhand to no one that Matthew caught."

How do you know it wasn't for Matthew????