Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DC Pro Ultimate Doubleheader vs Philadelphia on May 4th

On Sunday, May 4, both pro Washington, D.C. Ultimate teams - DC Current  (MLU) and DC Breeze (AUDL) - play their Philadelphia rivals. The DC teams just announced a heavily discounted ticket offer for fans who attend/buy tickets for BOTH games. This is the first known cross-promotion between the two professional Ultimate leagues.

Philadelphia Phoenix vs DC Breeze
Where: UMD Field Hockey & Lacrosse Complex  College Park, MD
When: 1pm
Buy Tickets: $5* (50% off regular price)

Philadelphia Spinners vs. DC Current
Where: Cardinal Stadium Catholic U  Washington DC
When: 5pm
Buy Tickets: $5*  (64% off regular price)

*Entry with the discounted "doubleheader" ticket requires presentation of both purchased tickets.

[h/t Mark Evangelisto]

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